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Tri-City is a family owned and operated business that is 3 generations strong! Our continued success and growth is due to our overall commitment to customer service and over 100 years of accumulated insulation experience.

Established in 1972 as Insulation Materials Distributors, we became an Owens Corning distributor/fabricator for the NY Metropolitan area. From blue print specifications to online production, “IMD” became and still is, a vital link to original equipment manufacturers.

In 1985, “Tri-City Insulation” evolved as part of IMD’s expansion into the mechanical and industrial markets. Supplying not only commodity insulation products and accessories, our fabrication background allowed us the opportunity to satisfy non-standard requirements. Add the expertise of a diversified sales department and other major manufacturers such as Johns Manville, Armstrong and Dow Chemical, our commercial hvac and residential markets developed.

In 1999 came the acquisition of a very established and respected master distributor to the plumbing,  HVAC and industrial supply network, Thermal Materials Corporation. With company roots that go back to the depression era, their un-paralleled experience again ensures wholesalers that their various needs will be met in an insightful and professional manner.

Welcome to Tri-City Insulation