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Heat Seal Batts & Rolls

ENCAPSULATING – heat sealing of various insulation products to contain fibers for use in plenum areas, perforated metal pans and panels.  Each end use product meets a UL Class A rating.

DIE CUTTING – various presses are used to die cut all types of insulation products into precise shapes & sizes

FABRICATING – utilizing custom machinerey, we can bevel, jig, miter, taper & configure insulation products into specific dimensions.  Some examples are deck plugs, trapezoidal flutes, safing strips, acoustical pods &  fiberglass wedges.

SLITTING –  our machines are capable of slitting fiberglass and mineral wool boards & rolls down to narrower channel widths.





LAMINATING – we apply a wide range of facing materials such as plain & FSK foils, vinyl & mats to fiberglass and mineral wool board & rolls.






COMPOSITES – our fabrication shop bonds molded fiberglass boards to different acoustical core materials to achieve higher NRC values and a tackable surface.


VAC PACKING – on request, special packaging equipment is used to compress fabricated insulation parts & rolls into compact bundles to help save on freight costs.


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