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EPS – Expanded Poly Styrene

Boards & Panels
Cavity wall insulation
Concrete voids
Construction sheathing
Custom architectural shapes
Exterior insulated finish systems (EIFS)
GeoFoam: Envirogreen® Geofoam (with Preventol® Preservative Insecticide) is an excellent thermal insulator for cold storage warehouses and refrigerated storage tanks.
ICF’s (Insulated Concrete Forms)
Laminates (Rigid & Fanfold)
Packaging solutions including PSA technology
Perimeter insulation

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a rigid and tough, closed-cell foam. It is usually white and made of pre-expanded polystyrene beads. Familiar uses include molded sheets for building insulation. Sheets are commonly packaged as 2×8’s or 4×8’s.

EPS is also know as “bead-board”. It is available in a range of densities, sizes and profiles to meet your application and specifications.

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