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May 2022


AS200SpecSeal® Elastomeric Spray is a non-halogenated latex-based, highly elastomeric coating designed to provide passive smoke and fire protection in construction joints.
Composite Sheets – SpecSeal® Composite Sheet is a lightweight, rigid fire resistant panel consisting of an intumescent layer bonded to a galvanized steel sheet reinforced with steel wire mesh covered with aluminum foil.
EP Power Shield– specseal® Power shield electrical box insert is a one-component pad for use in electrical switch or receptacle boxes.
Fast Tack– SpecSeal® Fast Tack™ Firestop Spray is an elastomeric single component silicone/urethane hybrid spray coating designed to provide passive smoke and fire protection in construction joints.
SSB– SpecSeal® Firestop Pillows are through-penetration firestop products resembling small cushions or soft bricks.
Firestop Plug– SpecSeal® Series FP Intumescent Firestop Plugs are soft and supple, foam plugs molded from polyurethane.
LCI– SpecSeal® LCI Sealant is a versatile and economical intumescent product intended for firestopping a wide array of applications in small commercial or grouped residential construction and other structures with similar applications
SSS– SpecSeal® Series SSS Sealant is a latex based, high solids firestop compound. This material, when properly installed, will effectively seal penetration openings against the spread of fire, smoke, toxic gasses and water
SSM– SpecSeal® Firestop Mortar is an economical, light-weight portland cement-based firestop product. This passive (non-intumescent) material utilizes a combination of heat sinking and insulating properties to provide an extremely high level of fire resistance.
PEN300– Pensil® PEN300 Silicone Sealant is a one-part neutral curing silicone sealants exhibiting superior performance in applications where sealing apertures in walls and floors are needed to control the spread of fire, smoke, toxic gasses, and water during fire conditions.
LCC The SpecSeal® Series LCC Collar is a factory-manufactured device designed to protect plastic pipes penetrating fire-rated walls and floors.
SSP– SpecSeal® Series SSP Putty is a non-hardening, intumescent compound designed to seal through-penetrations as well as certain membrane penetrations against the spread of fi re, smoke and toxic gasses.
Ready Sleeve – SpecSeal® READY™SLEEVE Pathways are a complete UL® Classified out-of-the-box solution for new cable penetrations through walls.
Smoke N Sound– SpecSeal® Smoke ‘N’ Sound Sealant is a high quality acrylic latex sealant designed for sealing through-penetrations (such as pipes, conduits, cabling, busways, openings), membrane penetrations (such as p-traps and outlet boxes) in smoke rated walls.
Speedflex– SpecSeal® SpeedFlex® Joint Profile is a high temperature fibrous joint forming material for use in top of wall construction joints.
SSW Wrap Strips – SpecSeal® Wrap Strips are highly flexible, elastomeric strips designed to firestop combustible penetrations in fire-rated floors, floor/ceilings, and walls.
WF300Type WF300 Caulk is a latex based, high solids firestop caulk. This material, when properly installed, effectively seals penetration openings in wood frame construction against the spread of fire, smoke and combustion byproducts.
Fyrewrap – Unifraxʼs FyreWrap® Elite® 1.5 Duct Insulation is a two-layer flexible enclosure for both one- and two-hour rated commercial kitchen grease ducts.

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